RA3: In-Depth Look into Empire of the Rising Sun Build Mechanic

The Red Alert 3 website has released an interview with Producer Greg Kasavin to shed light on the build mechanic of the Empire of the Rising Sun and how it differs from the other sides. To summarise:

1. Different build mechanics for each side planned from the start.

2. Empire of the Rising sun has the most unrestricted out of the building game mechanics.

3. Empire can build anywhere.

4. Apparently the downside is that it's easy to spread yourself too thin, but I don't quite see how this is going to be a problem provided you take that into account!

5. The way the Allies can counter this is with recon and scouting units early on.

6. The Allies also have a traditional C&C-style build mechanic where you can queue up base-defenses.

7. Soviets have an extra crane that allows them to build multiple buildings at once (a bit like the crane they had in C&C3).

8. Soviets also have a large build radius.

9. Gameplay style for the Empire is intended to have a deep learning curve - it favours unit micromanagement over base micromanagement.