RA3 Big Update

A huge RA3 update over the weekend, with the addition of the box art, a new unit (the Soviet Twinblade Chopper) and some Q&A.

Firstly let's check out this new chopper unit. It seems to be adept at attacking ground targets (as most attack choppers are) with a chaingun and several rockets. It seems that it's most effective to use the rockets in a barrage since it takes a long time to reload them. The Twinblade (like the Hind) can carry troops on-board and can even carry tanks (unlike the Hind). The Twinblade's only weakness is that it is vulnerable to attack aircraft as it has no defence against them.

Secondly, a look at some important points from the Q&A:

1. Submarines aren't stealthed BUT they cannot be attacked while submerged, except from torpedoes.

2. The Iron Curtain returns as a superweapon in RA3 and has the same effect as before (gives temporary invulnerability).

3. As before, you can build off an ally's construction yard

4. The Allied Particle Cannon is similar to GDI's Ion Cannon.

5. Peacekeeper shields don't make them invincible to small arms fire, but does give them a significant armour boost.

Finally a look at the box art page's important points (which is the Features page) - don't know if this was updated recently but regardless it's got some good summary info on the game:

1. Story involves Soviets on the brink of defeat to the Allies going back in time to kill Albert Einstein, developer of chrono technology. They return successful and the Allies are in a weakened position. However they've also spawned a new faction to dominate the Earth called the Empire of the Rising Sun (Japan basically).

2. All three factions will have a story campaign.

3. You can play the story campaigns co-operatively (awesome!)

4. Like previous Red Alerts, you get naval units!

5. Return of cheesy FMVs!