Puzzle Quest: Galactrix slated for a Q1 2009 release

I always love plugging Australian made games and a recent success story over the past year or so is Infinite Interactive's Puzzle Quest (I swear they stole my idea - I too was thinking of a hybrid RPG/Puzzle game a couple years back - I confess that Bejeweled wasn't one of the candidates though :)). They're now continuing that formula but instead of having a fantasy themed game for the RPG component, they're now deciding to do a sci-fi one (my favourite genre). It seems that fighting is done using spaceships and each of the colours on the puzzle board reflects different systems of the ships (e.g. computers, lasers, shields, etc.). Looks interesting to say the least and it's expected to come out early next year (it's been added to my Release Dates list).

Gamespy also has a preview of it on their website.