More E3 trailers

And now for some trailers about games already existing on my anticipated games list...

Red Alert 3
Finally some info has been revealed on the Japanese faction (The Empire of the Rising Sun). From the video, it appears that unlike what I previously thought, you can build several King Onis at once! Also the backing track to the video sounds like a remix of the Hell March theme - perhaps we're listening to Frank Klepacki's Hell March 3?

You can see the video here

The Sims 3
The Sims 3 is looking good if this trailer is any indication. It seems the emphasis is getting away from the gameplay seen in the original games (where you micro-managed each house independently) and now you can manage the neighbourhood as a whole (i.e. each house isn't its own little microcosm).

Spore has released a new trailer of the game for E3 - nothing terribly new here but having the trailer narrated does seem to help explain what's going on. Check it out below: