Heads-up on next Call of Duty game from a fan

Well there is a rather long post I found on the Call of Duty forums by one of its fans about features we can expect to see in the game so far. I'll try and summarise some of the more interesting points:

1. Will be quite gruesome considering it's in the Pacific Theatre and the Japanese troops are not shy when dishing out torture on POWs.

2. The flamethrower is a central aspect to the game. It apparently makes things much easier when clearing the jungle but of course makes you a tempting target for the enemy.

3. There is a 4 player co-op multiplayer mode (hooray)!

4. There seems to be a perks/experience system similar to what was used in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

5. Promises to be a different style of game to other Call of Duty games since you're against the Japanese. Japanese soldiers will apparently play dead until you can get close enough for them to stab you or worse, detonate a grenade. The Japanese will be masters at camoflague and ambushing US soldiers.