Gamespy E3 Preview - Spore

A very positive preview by Gamespy on Spore's Tribal and Space Exploration Mode. Some of the interesting points:

- Tribal Phase is like a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game
- In Tribal Phase, each member has a randomly generated name except the Chieftain. He is larger than the other creatures and carries a large stick.
- Gamespy attempted to win over other tribes through culture. When playing music, you enter a mini-game where you have a few seconds to match the expectations of what your audience asks of you.
- You can eventually get tribal clothing and there is an editor for this.
- Clothing changes throughout the ages and you'll get a new choice of clothes at the Space Age.
- There is also a building editor
- ... and a vehicle editor
- There's pretty much an editor for everything!
- Space part of the game is like a Space RPG - it actually sounds a lot like Star Control 2! Your aim is to explore the galaxy to find parts to upgrade your spaceship.