Fresh E3 Previews from Gamespy

Three new previews of note at the E3 Preview for today, namely the ones for Space Siege, Street Fighter IV and Alpha Protocol.

Firstly let's head to the Space Siege Preview considering it's meant to be the one coming soonest to PC. Unfortunately, it looks like Gamespy are more critical of the game now that they've been given a better look at it - which incidentally is where it falls down: graphics (although I'd like to add "as if there was any doubt from earlier screenshots and videos!"). The co-op was touted as one of its strengths (it's good to see a lot of developers nowadays returning to adding co-op to their games) plus the easy-to-use interface.

Secondly, we have Street Fighter IV which is already out in the arcades, coming soon to consoles, but surprisingly, also to PC! No news on release date and considering GAME over here in Australia is only mentioning the console releases as coming out in February next year, it could be a bit of a wait.

Finally we have more news on Alpha Protocol, and it looks like Obsidian Entertainment are playing on their strengths. They're bringing strong RPG elements to the world of modern espionage and you're provided with lots of choices in how you handle situations. For example, in Gamespy's preview you could decide to be stealthy and avoid guards, go in guns blazing or talk your way out of it. The choices don't end there though, conversation choices are quite rich and you can pick what OE calls the "Three J.B.'s" emotional paths through the game: the professional ("Jason Bourne"), the suave and sophisticated ("James Bond"), or an aggressive psycho ("Jack Bauer") Picking different dialogues and courses of action has an effect later on in the game since factions will remember how you've treated them. The combat system is said to be somewhat lacking and is looking similar to Mass Effect's.