Fallout 3 Fan Interview #2

Bethesda has released their second Fallout 3 Fan Interview and have given quite comprehensive answers to the questions received. I'll summarise some of them here to give an idea of Fallout 3's features:

1. Fallout 3's themes have not been tempered down compared to the previous games. The world is still a harsh and unforgiving place with many adult themes (but apparently no child-killings or nudity).

2. You can't kill children. Children will flee and any NPCs related to the children will attack you on site if you try. You can kill almost anyone in Fallout 3 but there are a few essential NPCs that you just cannot kill.

3. Some non-humans can be reasoned with or even hired as companions.

4. Crimes committed in a town will be known by the whole town but not the whole world. Crimes committed to a group though can potentially be known across the world, provided the group spans that far.

5. Not only will you be able to don armour to give you defensive benefits but you'll also be able to wear mechanic and trader outfits that will boost your repair and barter skills respectively (reminds me a bit of how outfits in Arcanum can make people see you in a different light).

6. The Inventory is similar to Fallout 1 but things are categorised and there is a limit on how much weight you can carry.

7. Oblivion's Radiant AI system is being used and enhanced to make NPCs seem realistic in what they do day-to-day.

8. Most "dungeons" won't respawn baddies.

9. Map travel works like Oblivion.

10. Being lower in a marksmanship skill means you do less damage with the weapon and to a lesser degree, your accuracy decreases (i.e. your hand wobble).

11. Character customisation sounds similar to what was used in Mass Effect - you get quite a few options for the face but that's about it (you can't alter the body).

12. You can crouch but not go prone or climb.

13. There is no rain in Fallout 3.

14. Like in previous Fallouts, you can only have one companion at a time.

15. It may be possible to finish the game with just unarmed combat - but not 100% confirmed.