Thanks to E3 there's going to be a HUGE volume of updates for the next couple of days. Some new games have piqued my interest and there's a lot of trailers for games that are listed on my "Australian Release Dates" list.

First, let's go through the games I've added:

Age of Booty (previously known as Plunder)
This game caught my interest since it looked quite a bit different than the rest. The game promises to be a casual game about pirates. Since I was a big fan of Sid Meier's Pirates! and this game seems to be multiplayer, I thought it was worth a look.

Alpha Protocol
The game sees you as a CIA agent that is framed and hunted down by your previous employer while trying to bring the actual perpetrators to justice. What makes it more than just your typical action shooter is that it's a game being developed by Obsidian Entertainment. Staying true to their RPG roots, the consequences of your actions will alter your character and ultimately the outcome of the game.

Dark Horizon
Not really much is known about this game except it looks like a space sim, which happens to be one of my favourite genres. The game is being made by veteran Swedish developers, Paradox Interactive so it could be good.

How could you not be excited by the next game in the pipeline by master developers, id. These guys who spawned the Doom and Quake franchises are apparently creating a whole new engine for this game called the id Tech 5 engine. It definitely looks very nice and from the looks of the trailer it seems to be a game with a Mad Max/post-apocalyptic setting. I read somewhere that you get to drive and modify vehicles whilst also being a more traditional on-foot FPS at the same time. Definitely one to look out for. EA will apparently be the publisher. Release date is still unknown.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI
Being interested in Chinese History, especially the Three Kingdoms era and also being a fan of Koei games (many hours spent playing Genghis Khan 2 in particular) means that this latest itereation of the long running Romance of the Three Kingdoms series should be well worth a look. Unfortunately, I don't think there is (or if there ever has been) a local distributor for the game here in Australia, so the release date is based off the US one (and I'm hoping it'll be released here).