Dragon Age Site Update

Well this actually occured quite awhile ago but due to the barrage of E3 news, I had to let this one slide: The Dragon Age website has been updated and now contains a little bit more info on the game (not much more but it's better than before!). There are also some new screenshots and videos. Info about the game summarised:

1. It has been four centuries since the last Blight, but another one is rising. What is this "Blight" you may ask? Well it's apparently a horde of monsters that were evil sorcerors in one life.

2. The Grey Wardens are your typical secret order sworn to fight the ancient terror aforementioned in point 1.

3. Ogres are featured in the game.

4. Two characters are introduced, a young king named Cailan who was the first Ferelden king to be born in his land free from foreign rule - and a general, Teryn Loghain who served with Cailan's father when he was still a prince.