Diablo III Info

Well the Diablo III website has been up for awhile but thought I'd actually take time to give it a read and see what background story I can gather. This is what I've discovered from Deckard Cain's diary:

1) It doesn't seem Deckard Cain is the "Last of the Horadrim" (although playing the previous games, I was persuaded that was the case!). He likes to think himself as one and is a well-learned man on the topic.

2) After it appears that Archbishop Lazarus has slaughtered several of Tristram's villagers, Deckard Cain becomes committed to reading the old texts to finding a way to stop the evil that has beset the village.

3) Adria isn't one of the normal villagers and only came to inhabit the outskirts of Tristram once trouble brewed.

4) In the following days, several adventurers come to Tristram in the hopes of defeating the forces of evil. Many perish.

5) Finally a man of little words, known as "The Wanderer" arrives (the original Warrior from Diablo I).

6) Deckard Cain finally realises his worst fears have been realised, that Diablo has risen again and is the root of all the troubles.

7) The Wanderer is victorious (end of Diablo I).

8) Tristram celebrates the defeat of Diablo. The Wanderer remains suspiciously silent. It appears that Deckard is unaware of what sacrifice he made to defeat Diablo.

9) The Wanderer leaves to head to the East. Shortly after he leaves, the town of Tristram is consumed by Undead and noone survives (except Cain). These are the events that lead to the start of Diablo II (as evidenced by the intro on the website).

10) Diablo and Mephisto are defeated. A demonic army raised by Baal marches on Mount Arreat (this is the start of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction).

11) Baal is defeated but at a great cost. The Worldstone which is protected by the Barbarians of Mount Arreat is corrupted by him and the Archangel Tyrael thinks the only way of ensuring the world is safe is destroying the Worldstone - however the ramifications of doing so is uncertain. The world will very likely change forever.

Tristram apparently gets resettled in the years after the defeat of Baal, Mephisto and Diablo, and is dubbed "New Tristram". The town mainly existed to equip adventurers that decided to descend the old cathedral in search of loot. Now it's in a state of decay.

I keep trying to reinforce this fact but Blizzard claims that only five character classes will exist at launch, and the Witch Doctor and Barbarian are two of them. This means that you won't have the original line-up of classes that you had in Diablo II. Of course the chances of more classes being added in subsequent expansions is probably very likely ;).