Australian Fallout 3 Preview

A man by the name of Chris Stead from the Australian Gameplayer site has given us a bit more info on Fallout 3. It's definitely starting to whet my appetite! Check out these interesting tidbits:

1. As mentioned before, you start the game literally emerging from the womb - apparently it's pretty gross too.
2. You jump to key moments in your life (ages 1, 10, 16 and 19) that help mold your character - reminds me a bit of Fable in some regards.

and that's about it... somehow I can't read the rest of this article :S. I did however see it mentioned on the Bethesda Blog that the game will have parts similar to Bioware RPGs except even better. Looks like they're competing with Bioware to show that the consequences of your actions really do have an effect on the outcome of the story further down the track.