Space Siege coming soon

I was only mildly interested in the Dungeon Siege franchise when it first came out, since I only saw it as a Diablo-clone. That's not to say I don't like Diablo, it's just something would have to be substantially better for me to top Diablo (and that game for me at the moment is Guild Wars). However, the Dungeon Siege series had several things going for it, which has culminated in it even being made into a film (except it had to be made by Uwe Boll, WEISHENME???!!!): it' was produced by Chris Taylor of Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander fame, it had a most excellent soundtrack by Jeremy Soule and the main reason I loved Diablo - it had a co-op campaign. Rarely nowadays do you see PC games with co-op campaigns where you and a bunch of mates can experience a story together from beginning to end.

Well, Gas Powered Games are now putting the finishing touches on Space Siege, which is the latest game in the Siege series and this time it's set in space (I swear they soo stole my idea :P!). It promises to have all the same reasons that made the Dungeon Siege franchise popular, minus Jeremy Soule (a big minus in my books). The only things that may prevent it from greatness is that the graphics don't look too special on first glance and it'll be curious to see how the game works in terms of customising your character. There aren't any character classes which is a bit of a let-down, instead you can modify how human your character is. In Space Siege you determine how much cybernetics your character wants to use (which apparently makes fighting easier) although it'll cause NPCs to react differently to you because of it.

Regardless, this looks like a game to definitely keep an eye on. It's expected Australian release date is the 15th August.


  1. Oh god, that travesty of a Uwe Boll abomination. That wasn't a movie, that was an hour and a bit torture lesson with once upon a time credible actors. Never again Uwe, never again.

    Having said that, I'm looking forward to Space Seige - I didn't mind DS back in the day.


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