Red Alert 3 - Gamespy Interview

Interesting interview at Gamespy with Red Alert 3's executive producer, Chris Corry. To summarise:

- Red Alert 3 are getting more of its cues from Red Alert 2 than Red Alert 1 - which is a good thing. C&C has always seemed too serious for its own good at times and Red Alert 2 showed that RTSes could be silly, yet fun at the same time.

- Still on the topic of silliness are that the Soviet units will be even more ridiculous than ever: with armoured bears and cannons that fire infantry, I'm thinking this is true.

- The development team had a challenge with creating the Allies side since they were to use the most conventional weaponry and because of that, they didn't want them to appear like another GDI. They think they've achieved to stay different enough by creating units that look antiquated (e.g. the Century Bomber) except retrofitted with new technology (such as the Allied Chrono and Prism technology).

- The dev team also had a challenge creating the Japanese side since they had no starting point as with the other two sides plus they didn't just want to make an "anime side" (although they admit some units are obviously inspired by anime).