Mass Effect Soundtrack ordered

Well I just ordered my Mass Effect Original Soundtrack CD from the Bioware on-line store and will be looking forward to its arrival! I'll be sure to keep readers posted on how long it takes for it to arrive in Australia.

Word of warning though, the game is listed as $14 USD (which is reasonable) but the shipping and handling charges bloats the price to $39! (Yes I know what you're thinking right now: "WTF mate? Why pay so much for a game soundtrack?" - well I don't spend money on music that often and I really like game soundtracks - just like film soundtracks they really help in setting the mood to ensure you have the most enjoyable experience possible :).

I'll be also sure to give a review of the soundtrack once I've had a good listen to it, but judging by what I've heard in the game it's going to be at least good, if not excellent (mind you there will be a lot of ambient stuff).


  1. I've played and finished Mass Effect on the 360, and I really liked it. You're right about wanting to start a second character straight away, being a Bioware game there's plenty of scope (and incentive) for replaying. The soundtrack was pretty cool though, lots of techno/rock beats if I remember correctly.

    Have you (even as a PC-centric gamer) listened to any of Nobuo Uematsu game soundtracks? He's the Japanese composer for the Final Fantasy series, Chrono Trigger...I've been playing Lost Odyssey on the 360 and I love the soundtrack for that. Lots of grand, sweeping epic orchestral pieces intermingled with soft piano melodies - very Japanese. I think he also put on some concerts featuring his work. You should check him out if you haven't already.

  2. Hey Saviola,

    Thanks for commenting! Indeed, Bioware RPGs tend to have that effect on you, I remember playing KOTOR three times just to see how things panned out differently.

    You are correct about the soundtrack a lot of techno/rock/orchestral influences. It's like Vangelis's Blade Runner and John Williams put into one :).

    I've heard of Nobuo Uematsu's name ushered as one of the best video game composers of all time but alas haven't actually listened to any of his music (unless he did the music for Final Fantasy VIII and XII which are the only FFs I've played). I can recall them being pretty awesome in their own regard. Thanks for the tip and I'll be sure to check out his music!


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