Guild Wars: OggyCheese

Well being a Guild Wars fan I obviously enjoy and promote any good machinima that's based off it. One of the best I can think of are the ones done by OggyCheese and he's recently released episode 1 of his new series "Pathfinder". Check out the video.

Oh and some nice creative stuff done here in this video too (which is obviously inspired by Japanese console games and anime):


  1. hey, this is oggycheese. I really appreciate what your doing here :D thanks for the promotion, and glad you liked the videos :P

  2. Haha Hey Oggy - My IGN is Marc Grahamsworth :) - was in one of your videos. No worries about the promotion, I think your videos are excellent anyway due to them (1) being made in GW and (2) being extremely funny.

  3. ah, cool. Nice blog mr flying man that kills the monster in the sky ;)


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