Guild Wars - Hall of Monuments changes

Seems like there are going to be some changes to the Hall of Monuments in Guild Wars. Currently, achievements in the Hall of Monuments are mostly character based with a few account-based ones which are based off account-based titles. ArenaNet are planning to now allow you to select what you want to view when entering the Hall of Monuments (sounds like some sort of filter). You'll eventually be able to see achievements that are specific to your character or ones that are spread across all characters. The reason ArenaNet apparently adopted this is to encourage players to play all the characters instead of focusing on just one.

The reason this is big news? It's the first news in awhile about Guild Wars 2, albeit indirectly. Guild Wars 2 will apparently be accepting all achievements that are tied to this new account filter as opposed to getting achievements character-by-character.

My only question is, are the account-based achievements the current account-based titles or when they say account do they mean the total of achievements you've gained over all characters (i.e. if you get Vekk prestige armour on one character and Pyre prestige armour on another, would the account achievements show both)? I'm guessing by them wanting to encourage players to play all their characters, it's the latter - which suits me just fine :).