Frank Klepacki to write Hell March 3!

In what I believe to be a smart move by EA, Frank Klepacki has been given the green light to write the theme song to Red Alert 3, which is creatively named, Hell March 3. Frank wasn't invited to write the score for C&C3 when that came out and it showed. Although the game was fun it was missing that musical flair, that unique sound that only Frank could bring to a C&C soundtrack (after all, he *is* the one who developed the theme songs). It'd be curious to see how much input he has - whether he's just composing the one track or the entire soundtrack. Frank is now working for Petroglyph Games nowadays so the fact he's working for the company that him and many ex-Westwood employees left from, is intriguing.

Also there has been another update to the RA3 website with the addition of a new unit profile, the V4. Looks like this unit is going to be quite similar to the original V2/V3 units from previous Red Alert games except this time you can choose to set the rocket onto what is similar to a MIRV mode that scatters multiple mini-rockets over an area.